Help VPN problem

I have a VPN but Popcorn said connection is not secured. I don’t understand why. I have version 0.4.4. My VPN is from Bitdefender.

Thank you in advance for your answers

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Don’t worry … just ignore it. It does that to everyone!

It’s a clumsy Ad telling users (without a VPN) they’re unprotected. But it can’t distinguish between those that do and don’t have a VPN already!

Go into ‘Settings’: tick “show advanced settings” (if needed) … scroll down and untick “show VPN”. That’ll stop it pestering you!


That’s what I figured. Even with my VPN Connected, when I go to a Torrent Site, it still says my ISP is being tracked, yet can’t display my ISP because of the VPN. Similar thing happens with Popcorn Time. :sweat_smile:


Yeh! … pretty dumb really! They’re just hoping to hook a few easy “fish!”