[Help] How to stream to Smart TV when on VPN?

Hello everyone. I would like to know how I can stream from Popcorn time to my Samsung Smart TV/Apple TV when I’m connected to WiFi? I can’t seem to stream it to those device no matter if its Airplay or DLNA. But it works fine when I’m off VPN.

Both PC and TV/AppleTV is connected to the same WiFi. Can only view in Popcorntime or VLC.

Windows 10 x64

Popcorntime 0.4.3

VPN - SurfsharkVPN and ProtonVPN.

Thank you!

PT will not connect/stream to your Apple TV … even if you can see the airplay icon.

Is that a paid-for version of ProtonVPN or the free one?

I installed gaming streaming app twitch tv but I couldn’t do twitch.tv/activate process. What should I do to do this?

Sorry, PT.app will not work with Twitch TV … it uses DLNA to connect to Smart TV’s. Even then it’s not 100%.