Hebrew subtitles

I watch movies in Switzerland.
A few months ago, you had subtitles in Hebrew, but now I don’t have.
What can I do?

It do not depends on Popcorn Time. The subtitles are coming from OpenSubtitle. But from time
to time none of the subtitles are listed. If so this is what I do:

  1. Go on the opensubtitle.org website
  2. Search for the movie I’m watching
  3. You should get a list of subtitles that is coming up
  4. Click on it to download, there will be a request to get a extension, just ignore it and wait for few seconds.
  5. Extract the .zip archive
  6. In Popcorn Time, while you’re watching the movie you can click on the ‘custom’ in the subtitle list and select the subtitle file in the extracted folder.

Hope that will help you!