Peach OSI 16.04 LTS 64bit Xubuntu - Popcorn-Time-0.4.4-linux64

A simple search on google show that this is an old problem:

In Popcorn time, I found what i looked for and want to keep it, so I click on “Add to bookmarks” - which then turns to " Remove from bookmarks" which would indicate that it has bookmarked the page.

After going to “Favorites”, there is nothing to show.

How to fix this permanently and to prevent updates from destroying the bookmarks?

Popcorn time is installed by these instructions:

Hope to hear from you soon, thank you in advance and keep up the good work.


Ps: Wish for an option to be included in the future - a progress bar for “Download”(right now I have no idea when the file is downloaded or if its even downloading).