DLNA cast doesn't work in 0.4.4 PT version

Hi everyone,
I’m running on windows 10 64x, after the latest update to the PopcornTime 0.4.4 build #442
the DLNA or airplay in the selected watch option doesn’t shows up anymore ?

VPN are disable, connection are on wifi. all seems to be ok

Do you know the reason and how to fix it ? Before I upgrade to 0.4.4 everything working fine and well in PT 3.10 #200 build
see by yourself :

It might be the new dlna cast isn’t supported my TV/mediaplayer ?

I don’t think PT.app’s implementation of DNLA is 100% reliable … but in fairness nor is my LG TV’s.

And my router falls over sometimes (like just now! trying to replicate your issue). I’ve just had to reboot it?

Anyway, got things working again on my Mac (incl. 0.4.4 build #442)

Sometimes things are stable for weeks/months … then it goes awol.

Here’s my 0.3.10 build #293:

Okay I found a solution maybe raw but it’s kind of working so…

When I open PT 4.4 I use debug console (F12) and I reload it (Ctrl + R)
and some how the DLNA show up now , subtitle load correctly everything work fine so
I use that’s solution until the problem is fix…

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If it works - it’s a result!! … I’ve left mine alone: it’s gone back to stable again, for now!

It used to get reported in the old Popcorntime_io forum (back in the day) that rebooting a few times caused Chromecast to appear - after it also went awol. Nothing changes?