Create a fork (Bollywood)

I want to create a version for Bollywood movies.

How to go about this?
Where do I list the movies?
How to do the subtitles?

Any help is welcome [email protected].

This would be a blessing for a lot of people.

In app you only need change source of films - for you content server.
Then you need create you own server with same api with indean films - search database of this films and torrent trackers with it.
You may look here - - it’s multilang fork
if you films exist in tmdb and track you only need write parsers for popular torrent trackers with bollywood movies

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Thanks ivan1968

I don’t know where to change the source of films.
Is there a tutorial for the api?
The films do exist in tmdb. how to write parsers? ( is this any good?)
The films are availabe on and

Perhaps this could lead to be a guide for films in other languages and we can have PopcornTime UK, RU, CH, etc (very handy in the time we all have to stay home)

Live long and prosper,

Heh, my server parse and (moved to .to), for support many locales need only add codes in config and it download titles and posters.
For write parser for new tracker need create class in
Source of films change in client -
no tutorial, sorry - application perfect documented on php :slight_smile:
looks like you need try download my fork and select language in settings

Thanks Ivan1986 :+1: