Contribution to popcorn time

Hey there!! i have videos with their subtitules, and I want to contribute to the app with them.!! Thay actually arent in the payroll. How can i do that?

You can’t … Doesn’t work like that? API fetches it’s movies from the catalogue and TV shows from .

Additional torrents can be got from any of the other torrent site by copy/pasting a magnet link (or drag/drop a torrent file) into the desktop app.
Anyone with a working ‘Torrent Collection’ search can use that as well in the PT desktop app (0.3.10).

The subtitles are not managed by Popcorntime. Maybe go checkout the website for more information about the subtitle support. But if you want to contribute you can still do many things on Github!

  1. Improving the documentation
  2. Post new issues if you have ideas (please check if your issue doesn’t exist yet)
  3. Answering to questions and issues on this forum or on the Github
  4. Review ‘pull requests’ and feature request
  5. Make your own improvements (if you can code)
  6. Like the GitHub page and talk about Popcorn time around you. PT can’t advertise, so this help is very welcome.

You can find the GitHub repository of Popcorn time here:

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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