Check Version and Update?

Please, how do I check which Version of Popcorn Time I have and if I need to, how do Update??

I searched the Web for, “Popcorn Time play next Episode automatically,” because I was hoping that Popcorn Time could do that, but I haven’t been able to figure out how.

Some answers said they people asking about it had the wrong Version, so maybe they needed to Update??

However those posts were from a long time ago and I’m a relatively new Popcorn Time user, so my Version of Popcorn Time should be able to do this, right??

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

To check which version you have you can go into the about section of PT (upper right corner, the ‘i’)
Then the version is written on the down-left corner :

To update the best thing to do is to remove the old PT and install the new one from the official website (BTW the latest version is the 0.4.4)

Hope that helps!


I deleted Butter because I did not see an update tap. Now I can not find the website to reload it.

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Does seem strange there’s no obvious link “front and centre” on it’s Forum (or am I missing it?) They must assume you’ve already got it - because you came here?


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I dunno what you guys are talking about… “Butter??” Is that a Torrent Site?? Is there some kind of way to add more Source Websites into the new Popcorn Time Interface, like adding Trackers to a regular Torrent Client?? I’m very interested in this… :partying_face:

I find this to be pretty much one of the best Torrent Sites for Videos: 1337X

I also have a lot of luck here: LimeTorrent

And of course, the tried and true: The Pirate Bay

And this Link here leads to a Webpage with lots of Buttons that will Unblock some of the best Sites for Downloading in case your VPN isn’t good enough to Unblock them itself. It will even Unblock them if you have no VPN Active, but I don’t recommend opening that bag of worms, lol: UNBLOCKIT

Do what you will. I’m not your Momma. :ghost:

@merseyV, I followed that Link on my Phone and Downloaded and now this Website will not load on my Phone anymore?!?! :cold_sweat: :fearful: :scream:

EDIT: Ok, its working NOW, thank Gawd. :robot:

Butter is not a torrent site, it’s the base of Popcorn-Time :

When you go on you can see that PT desktop is a fork of the butter project.

Yeah that’s looking nice :smile:

That’s a nice project! :smile:

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