Changelog version 4

Really excited to see a new version is out. Well done PopcornTime team.

Can someone point me to the changelog for popcorntime 4?


Can anybody tell me how to put back my update of popcorn time??
my family was more satisfied with te last one we had for years.
Now we dont see the film cover anymore, and we are used to the way it was furnised.
So please does anyone know how to undo the update???
THANX!!! Greetings from Holland

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I had this issue too. After the latest update I cannot see the movies covers anymore unless I reloaded the page (by clicking the Movies tap) many times then only 1 or two covers will show.
Also all my movies which I added to my Favorite to watch later are gone, and I can’t add them again because of the first issue since I don’t remember the names.

The new version is terrible, even if you select the option to show subtitules, in the TV SHOWS, you have to end up downloading it from another page, because it never appears. Luckily, I had the 3.0 set-up installer, so I unnistalled the new one, and got the old one back. Until you guys fix it, I’m not upgrading the version anymore.

It’s a good app, but you seriously messed up with this update. I hope you can fix it soon.

You have to report all issues that you find to get a better version

the latest 4.1 64bit have some memory leaking issue… watching half and it will hang with full memory usage…
i’ll testing 32bit 4.1 now…
version 3 is the best but it asking for update now… :confused:

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Movies have no covers anymore, subtitles are no longer existant for movies and shows, favorites tab disappeared, can’t open settings.
I prefered it before … I thought updating would be better like choosing a dub language but it’s the worst version of the app since i use it.
I hope it will be fixed soon