Can't adjust subs sync with a TV Remote (PT 0.1.4 / Android TV 10)

It seem there is no way to adjust the subs sync using a TV remote.

While playing content I can go into the CC menu to realign the subtitles and scroll up and down through the options (…, -3, -2, -1, 0, +1, +2 ,+ 3, …) but there is no way to accept these changes. The TV’s remote “OK” button does nothing, neither does the left/right buttons. The only option left is pressing the Back button, but this means discarding the changes.

This seems an omission while porting PT to android TV, since the options to “Cancel” or “Accept” appear right there in the corner of the menu for you to “finger press”, but there is no way to reach them using a TV remote.

This is quite annoying since, in my experience, most of the retrieved subtitles are out of sync.

Does anyone know a way around this issue?