Cancel account now

Hi, how do I cancel my account? Just had money taken out and haven’t used the service for one year since it doesn’t work!

What service are you charged for? Popcorn time is a free application.

How can they take money out your account if this is a free forum?
Were have you ever filled in your BANK details here on the forum as I can’t find that in the settings? If you can’t fill in those details then they can’t know your bank or take out money from it

Check your pc for malware/viruses. Many scams are going around as well, be VERY careful were you fill in sensitive details.

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This Forum supports and no other.
Our Subbredit is: is a free ( “open source” app and isn’t associated with any other site / app?

You need to find the site/product/service where you entered your details or created your account? You should contact your bank if you’ve had money debited “illegally”?

n.b. Never enter your bank/card details for (so called) verification: to download something … it’s always a scam?


If you’re referring to a VPN provider … contact the service directly.