Can we share our own downloads with the Community?

I try to be a good Popcorntime user. I never wipe the cache, so that whenever I’m online, I become a usable peer-host for whatever I’ve downloaded.

But I’m quite happy to do more. In particular, I’ve downloaded a large number of shows and movies from BBC’s Iplayer. I’d be happy to share them with the community but have never seen an option to do that.

Does such an option exist and, if so, what hoops do we have to jump through to make it happen?

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Sorry but you can’t maybe try to share them on the Reddit of PT? But you can’t do it directly from PT because PT takes all its torrent form one source called YTS. So the source of series, movies and others are coming from YTS.
This question already have been asked and the problem behind a such function is that it’s very hard to manage in term of moderation, so somebody could call a torrent by a movie name and but another movie or something else…
It’s an idea that is often coming so maybe asking on Reddit and/or on this forum to get another platform to share torrents and torrent links.
But I don’t know if sharing torrent links are allowed on the subreddit. I know that it is probably not allowed here because there are no categories where it fits.

Tell me more about it!

BTW: You can also propose that into the category #site-feedback if you want.

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Openly sharing 'own" torrents would definitely be a no-no! And strictly speaking, giving the actual link to a torrent on say RARGB would also be frowned on. However, we could point users to the general Torrent Sites by name … just not an actual torrent.

If you were to do anything like it on /r/piracy and a few others … your post would be deleted and they’d tell you off (embarrassing!).

If you were going to do it … Probably PM would be safest?

(I’ve experienced a few take-down notices on subreddit myself … “others” watch our forums too?)


hmmm… isn’t the obvious solution to let us send the material direct to a popcorn receiver (in YTS or wherever it suits them). This can be done securely and privately, for example by using a private one time link from Sync…

Then they can moderate at their leisure and post anything that meets the relevant criteria.

N’est ce pas?

This solution is probably against the original idea of PT. It’s a streaming platform. This is more like a sharing torrent platform that you’re describing. Also YTS is completely independent of PT.

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