Burn Notice S6 every episode

So I wanted to rewatch all the Burn Notice series and everything went well until I got to the 6th season.
After retrying to open E3 and E4 many many times, I eventually gave up.
Few months past and again trying to watch it and still doesn’t work, I tried every quality from the highest to the lowest (even a HDTV).
What am I suppose to do? I really like this series and would like anyone to help me.

You mean that the episodes are not there?

If it is what you mean, very sorry but the content of PT is not managed by the devloppers but by external databases of torrents. I can’t remember all the names but I think one of them is called YTS.

The episodes are there but all the time when I try to start watching it writes that there is no file and that I should try again later