Black screen v. 6.0.9

what can i do to my popcorn time ? when i open it , its black pls help me to be able fix it plsssss

it says “NO RESULTS FOUND” even if i dont press the search bar . plss help me

Wait. 6.0.9? Can you post a screenshot. Even if I think that your version is not supported here. Please try to download and install it from The latest version is 0.4.4.

I’ve been using it for almost 2 years and it just happen 1 week upto presnt

i download it but it also loading and loading

Ok that’s another issue. I think I noticed other issues like this on the forum. It is maybe related to this:

or this My application just keeps loading

But really, the PT app you used in the precedent screenshots is not supported here. Same name, but not the same thing.