Beware of Popcorn Time FRAUDS! Get the REAL DEAL here!


There is a FAKE Windows Popcorn Time App that DUPED me for the longest time!! :open_mouth:

If you simply Google Search, “Popcorn Time,” “Get Popcorn Time,” or, “Popcorn Time for Windows,” chances are this Web Page will pop up:

This is NOT the REAL Popcorn Time App!! Its a FRAUD!! A FAKE!! A PHONY!! :angry:

If you Downloaded this piece of GARBAGE, use IObit Uninstaller to get rid of that POOP right away!! :poop:

This is the REAL Web Page for Downloading Popcorn Time for Windows:

Get that one. :wink: :sunglasses:

If your looking for Popcorn Time for Mac or another OS, look here:

But DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT Download from the first Link in this OP. It does NOT work correctly and most likely adds MALWARE and other nasty BUGS and CRITTERS onto your PC!! Use Malwarebytes to make sure your find and KILL’EM ALL!! :imp:

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Wow, that was an angry message xD But the thing is that the link to this forum is provided on the official website. So people who search for the forum of will not find this one but this one:

But good intention anyway :wink:

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What’s the offer? :thinking: