Auto downloads when casting

Hey guys,

I’m on version 4.4

I’m not able to stream any movies unless it’s directly played on my computer.
What I mean by that, is that whenever i load up a movie with popcorn time (on my computer), the movie loads for only 5 seconds before starting.

My problem happens when trying to stream a movie to either chromecast (ultra) or smart TV. I’m met with another download interface. It won’t connect to any of my devices and just continues to download without actually starting.

I did not experience this issue last week, and not sure what to do to get this going again, as I rarely watch any movie from my computer sceen (my pc has no hdmi port to connect to any other device either).

Could anyone guide me?

Which version of Popcorntime are you using … name/build number. Or where did you download it from?

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! I just finished the download and nothing really happened. Didn’t even pop up on the device i chose before streaming.

I’m on version 4.4, running Windows 10 E, downloaded from

You chose your CC device (or your TV’s DLNA) in the ‘Watch Now’ playback options menu and it just downloads without doing anything? Doesn’t even make a connection to your TV?

I think this is a bug in the 0.4.4 version … but you say it was working last week?

Try a reset to default settings at the bottom of "Settings’ window (you’ll lose any preferences though - like favourites?)

Yes, it worked last week as my buddy did it with his computer. I am sure that we downloaded from the same website. I downloaded it 30 min before posting this thread.

His computer and your CC/TV ? You need to find out which version he’s using?

Only thing I can suggest (for now) is to download the VLC player to your computer (default location) and reboot PT (it should show up in he ‘Watch Now’ pop-up menu?). When the torrent starts playing in VLC there’s an option to play through Chromecast from the VLC menu (playback > renderer).

Yeah, got it sorted.

Thank you so much for taking time off your day to help out man! I really fucking appreciate it.


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