A few Technical Questions about new Options

I’m New to this Update and I don’t understand a few things about these New Options. Some Quick Answers before I start Watching/Downloading/Seeding, if you would please. :upside_down_face:

Under the, “Features,” Section it shows Two Torrent Site Names but under it says, “Randomize Button for Movies.” To Randomize, or not to Randomize, that is the Question?? :skull:

Also, is there a way I could Suggest a few, or TEN Torrent Sites to Add in a future Update?? :crazy_face:

Also, if I change the Cache Directory, will that Prevent me from Seeding while I watch?? And what’s with the whole, “Database,” Section?? Is that a way for me to sort of Temporarily Upload
my Torrent Videos to Seed to others while I on Popcorn Time?? :innocent:

If so, does my, “Database,” have to be just one Folder with all my Torrents in One Window?? Like, what happens if I have a TON of Folders in my Folder to Separate Types of Movies, Shows, Seasons, Cartoons and Anime?? Can it still Read them all or only What’s Literally in the Same Folder?? :dizzy_face:

And what happens if I Accidentally leave and Shutdown my PC and forget to Export??
And what is Flushing?? :toilet::roll_of_toilet_paper::grin::grinning::joy:

Ya know, if it even is like that… If it is that would be Epic, if not then I guess I’m stupid, lol. :joy:

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