0.3.10 no new movies anymore!

Hello, does any1 have this issue? Im stuck for more than 2 months w/o new movies (i can watch old but no new)!? Btw i have win10 64bit , and Popcorn with changed json file so i can still using 0.3.10 version…

This is a known issue with the devs.
You can however (when updating to the latest dev build from here) add your own magnet link/torrent file into the “Torrent Collection” tab.
You can find torrents here (use a VPN as not all ISP’s will give you access to this site), or you can also use any other torrent file you know.

I have seen a few posts about ppl still using the old “adapted” 0.3.10 but those will not have any new features that have been build in lately.


There is a patched 0.3.10 version that has the YTS torrents “Tabbed”. Still hoping to see this “new feature” adopted.

(patch is in the #279 folder).


THX YTS movies will be enough!


If this is a feature you like to be added to the updated PCT 0.4.4 can you not make a pull request or add it on the issue pages as a feature request on Github?
I’m not familiar with this version and will try it over the weekend if time lets me.

It may appear in 0.4.5 … so I’ve been told. (We’ll see?)

I’ll be sticking with 0.3.10 patch for now.


BTW this YTS patched version doesnt have favourites tab???

That’s my old version (above!) … it’s the heart icon (top right) in the 0.3.10 original.

Latest version … next to Anime:

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if using all full patch … memory will leaks … usage 1 2 gb ram and hang here.

It does on my Mac, but not as bad as the 0.4.4 versions: the new nwjs Helper (renderer) and new WebTorrent engine appear to make things worse … at least, it does for me!

I find the YTS-patch versions (memory) leak slower?

I also tried the WebTorrent Desktop app and that also gave memory issues?

Which is why I prefer the old 0.3.10 and basic multi-patch … It’s more stable (and memory usage is rock solid!). But the reality is - I use qBittorrent client for most of my downloads.

latest 4.4 build 440 looks good… only no more yts… :smiley:

It’s build #441 now … but still doesn’t control memory allocation efficiently. Only feature I can see that’s better than my basic multi-patched 0.3.10 is the improved torrent search (more results).

Still, it’s a big improvement on the 0.4.4 web version. There’s a hell of a lot of hard work gone into it, by the Devs … lets all hope they achieve their goals with 0.4.5 ?

With the latest release of build 450 you can add a custom server to “fetch” movies.
To do so you have to tick “show advance settings” and scroll down to “API server”. Fill in at “Custom Movie Server” a known server (e.g. https://yts.mx/) and it should update the movie list.

Type the link instead of copy/paste as it will not save sometimes.

PS 2:
Make sure you use a VPN, many ISP’s are blocking YTS.mx

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And select 'Last Added" … you’ll get the latest YTS releases as they appear on their site:

Sort by “Trending” or “Popularity” will remain unchanged (as before). Use a combination of Genre / Last Added / the year in “Search bar” - play about it? Of course, you can search by movie title (or part Title) if you know what you want.

Even if you try searching for a movie title and it shows other movies (or “No movies found”) … you’re given the option to click the “Search on Torrent Collection” button/tile? You’ll more than likely find what you want there (as well). It might not be the YTS.mx release, but they’re often better seeded … or better quality!
It’s just another choice - without even having to leave the app?